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 The Neverending Necklace

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Why Beads?

What's up with that?


Connecting People over Space and Time

Beads have been a cultural staple for Millennia. They are believed to be the most ancient forms of adornment, having been used for jewelry by each and every civilization known to man.


Beads can be a status symbol and someone's most prized possession


Cherished not only for their beauty, they always were of tangible value: during the course of history, beads were used as currency - enabling commerce. And with that, connecting societies across far away lands.

Trading with beads became so common, that entire towns made a living through bead making. Some of these towns are well known for their beads still today. Just think of Venice and its trade beads, made famous by the glass artisans from Murano.

Jablonec in the Czech Republic enjoys a similar status, albeit via a much different type of manufacture and at a later time.

There are many places all over the world where beads were equal to money. Can you imagine, if we could buy our groceries, clothes, medicine, furniture, cars or computers with beads today? How much fun that would be!

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See the Museum for more objects from around the world


It only makes sense to use beads as a symbol of being connected to other people. Beads of all colors, sizes, shapes, materials - all are on one string!

The expression of joy that's captured in each bead should remind us that we're all humans, with essentially the same goal: being happy and living a fulfilled life. A life that's built on love and peaceful coexistence.


What about it, then?

We urgently need a world with more compassion and less violence.

Let the "String of Love and Peace" be a messenger, where each bead may represent a person of a different cultural heritage, color, belief or language.

Peaceful living can be achieved - we already have all the tools for it.

Together WE CAN make a difference, just like many individual beads are combined to make a beautiful necklace: A String of Love and Peace Going Around the World!

Help make this symbol of kindness grow around the world by adding beads to those you love!


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The Neverending Necklace

All dedicated beads are strung and then mounted on framed panels, just like the one you see below. Your dedications are recorded in the Journal, where you can find them forever.

Each finished panel may be sponsored by an individual, family, group or a business. Once your beads are sponsored, we forward $1 per bead to charity.


One of many unique sections of the original "World's Longest Necklace"


You can see your beads on the necklace

Currently, we are working to make the Love, Peace and Beads Museum a reality. It will be a place with marvelous exhibits from around the world, and of course the Neverending Necklace. Until then, you can see some of the panels during our events.


Your dedicated beads are always in good company on the Neverending Necklace



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