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Bead Stringing University


Learn what it takes to awaken and perfect your bead stringing skills, so you can graduate with flying colors and create your very own fine jewelry with beads.

For a hands-on learning experience, check with your local bead stores (see here>>).


Class is in session at Maralago Cay


Online lessons are free, creativity is encouraged!

(scroll down for free step-by-step instructions)




Fine Jewelry With Beads

Beading is a success technique, and you will quickly learn from the ground up. To ensure that you enjoy your hobby for many years to come, we recommend that you follow the lessons in the sequence that they are listed.



Apprentice Level

Beginner (Yellow - Happiness)


Lesson 1: Simple, single strand necklace on bead cord

Lesson 2: Multi strand necklace or bracelet on bead cord (contemporary or twisted)

Lesson 3: Crosslocking two strand bracelet (right angle weave)

Lesson 4: Easy earrings

Lesson 5: Advanced single strand necklace

Lesson 6: Easy peasy fancy necklace



Fellow Level

Intermediate (Orange - Creativity)


Lesson 1: Kumihimo 8 or 16 strand cord

Lesson 2: Chinese necklace

Lesson 3: Basic wire work

Lesson 4: Pearl Knotting

Lesson 5: Daisy Chain Necklace

Lesson 6: Earring Wowzers



Master Level

Advanced (Red - Love)


Lesson 1: "The Goddess" necklace

Lesson 2: Bramble Vine Technique necklace and/or earrings

Lesson 3: Professional Pearl Knotting nested necklace

Lesson 4: Kumihimo with beads

Lesson 5: "Children of the World"

Lesson 6: Rosary or chain link necklace



Tricks Of The Trade

Tips and Secrets - All Levels


Page 1: Tools

Page 2: Stringing materials and their use

Page 3: Size Charts

Page 4: The most common mistakes you can avoid

Page 5: The Things They Don't Teach You In Class

Page 6: A Word About Design



Guest Designs

Just For Fun - Various Levels


Page 1: "DoDo Balls from Hell" by Sabina Leclerc

Page 2: "Flower Power" rings by Ingrid Webster



Repair Manual


Here is a list of trusted and friendly local bead stores that we specifically recommend:

Where to buy beads >>

Why did my necklace break? 15 things you should know before you have your pearls restrung


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