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"Through the Grapevine"





Through the Grapevine

Ahhh -the nectar of the Gods! The little glass leaves are suggestive of grape leaves sprouting and unfolding among twisty, spiraly vines, which bear fruit that is among the healthiest foods you can put into your body.

According to a page on the Mayo Clinic's website, grapes and grape juice may reduce the risk of blood clots, maintain a healthy blood pressure, reduce "bad" cholesterol, provide dietary fiber and more.

And it's not too bad once it's fermented, either!

Grapes and their derived beverages have been worshipped for Millennia, thus making them a very ancient, traditional staple on the tables of the world.

Embrace their power, for the sunshine itself is captured within their juicy flesh!

Once the beads from this panel have been dedicated, you can see these dedications in the Journal.

Our busy little fingers are working on different panels every day. Please come to the Gallery often to see the finished sections and choose your very favorite. Ask for customized panels to reflect your preference.

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