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"You're A Gem!"




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Mildred Hoit




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You're a Gem!


This panel contains beads of genuine Amethyst, Peridot, Blue Topaz and Citrine. It has a light and fresh look to it, with a rhinestone border adding just a hint of elegance.

Gems are people who have proven their "value" to others by being helpful, kind or considerate. These individuals are demonstrating to everybody else how to interact socially for the benefit of another person.

It is easier to be nice than it is to be unfriendly and having a negative attitude. Why?

It's really simple: by being kind, you will do yourself a favor because you will become more satisfied emotionally, thus increasing your own chance for a more fulfilled life overall. Your health does benefit from a gentler nature as well: studies have suggested that "nice" people tend to enjoy a better health due to a stronger immune response and greater capability to withstand stress.

Be the gem to others and observe how your own happiness level increases!


To find the dedications from this section, go to the Love & Peace Journal, starting on page 28.

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It is no accident that this panel's title matches the sponsor. Here's to you, dear Mary!




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