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"Rainforest Party"




Sponsored by:

Geraldine Rakosky




Rainforest Party


Save the Rainforests! This section of the Neverending Necklace was made with our rainforests in mind, using rubber frogs and lizards, separated by aventurine and glass beads.

Home to countless species of plant and animal life, these forests are essential to our planet, replenishing oxygen supply and holding water reserves.

According to rain-tree.com, one and a half acres of rainforest are lost every SECOND! The deforestation of these habitats will wipe out nearly half of the world's species of plants, animals and microorganisms.

Help spread awareness by being mindful and sensitive to environmental issues, and pay special attention to purchasing items made from sustainable woods. But above all: print on recycled paper only and support businesses that use recycled paper.

Together we can send this message and hopefully turn around the fate of our most precious natural resources, so they will still be here for generations to come.


You can see all dedications from this panel in the Journal, starting on page 41.

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What beautiful, pristine environment. Help sustain it!




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