"A String of Love and Peace Going Around the World!"





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"Give Peace A Chance!"




The beads that will be the first on this panel (dedications from 1/10/14 to 4/2/14)


One can't repeat it often enough...

John Lennon and Yoko Ono were spreading the message, and today it's as relevant as ever.

We must strip our lives of prejudice, revenge and violence in order to find peace. Education, understanding, tolerance and forgiveness are surely the base on which to achieve a life without hostilities.

Once it is finished, you can see the panel here on this page, and at "Beads on the Ave" in person.

In the meantime, find the dedications in the Journal, starting on Page 60 >>

Our busy little fingers are working on different panels every day. Please come to the Gallery often to see the finished sections and choose your very favorite. Ask for customized panels to reflect your preference of theme and budget!

*We promise it'll be very nice!

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