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Fun with Flamingo Beads

The owners of the "Down The Street Bead Show" have long been supporters of the Neverending Necklace. This time however, they surpassed all expectations.

As a special promotional incentive, they made some really cute animal beads available to those who wanted to dedicate them. Not only that - they wrote a check in the amount of each dedicated bead on this panel to charity!

We hope you enjoyed Rick and Audrey's idea with the bead dedications. Thank you very much for your help in making the World's Longest Necklace!

You can view close-up pictures of some individual beads on this panel by clicking by clicking here >>.


Memorable Memorial Day Weekend at Flamingo Beads

Talk about creativity! Rick Baldwin and Audrey Quetier of the former Flamingo Beads store have been strong supporters of the Neverending Necklace for a long time already. Now they added meaning to Memorial Day by giving free beads and dedications to their customers ...more >>


Rick and Audrey with their dedication check for the Cease Fire House


To find the dedications on this section go to the Love & Peace Journal, starting on page 25.

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