Nigeria Bead Awards  



ESOE REMO Bead Craft Club presents:

2nd Annual

Sinleke Contest

(Nigeria Bead Awards)

Entries from June 1 to July 31, 2014

Awards in September of 2014


Promoting Creativity and Culture in BeadCraft




Your chance to take part in the bead competition that showcase beadmakers in Remoland, Ogun State and Nigeria.

The contest is open to professional and amateur bead artisans from Remo and across Nigeria, however the competition takes place in Remo, Ogun State. Please kindly feel free to enter any of the categories.


a)Submit your details ,name, outfit/bizz name, contact via email/facebook, watsapp, or our official website 

(b)Forward 2 photoshot of your beadwork rock by a customer/model with ur outfit name via email, watsapp or facebook.

STAGE 2: Shortlisted beadmakers will be invited to the SEMI FINAL (JULY 2015).ON THE SPOT BEAD UNDER 1HR 30 MINS and Last 6 proceed to the Final Coming up during one of our Remo Town Day Events later in the year.

WIN: The 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners will be crowned Miss Sinleke 1, 2 and 3 with a crown for 1st & 2nd place, award plaque for all 3, goodybag/hamper/cash enveloped gift from our sponsors/partners. All winners (1st,2nd&3rd) receive certificate with position, while 4th--6th receives consolation gifts and certificate of participation.

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prize winners get their work published in FASHGIST MAGAZINE (Online weekly),The REMONIAN MAGAZINE (Online Monthly), and also act as Esoe Remo Culture Ambassador during his/her reign e.g appt as one of the Judges in MissCulture TourismRemo Contest in 2016.For further enquiries pls kindly contact: Ingrid Webster (Online Judge/Cyber Admin), Onagbesan Yaya Agbolade (Coordinator,BeadCraftClub Nigeria), Tuyo Adefikayo, Crew at Naijatripz, Nigeria), Omoluwabi Toks OmoSoluade (U.K ). Email: Facebook: Esoe Remo.

  Onagbesan Yaya Agbolade, Team Leader, 3i Culture Concepts Ms. Chermiah Hart FdA BA (hons.), Team Leader, Hart Culture, UK  
  Prince Adekunle Ashaye, Welfare Unit, Esoe Remo (Nigeria) Prince Kuyoro, Team Leader,  X-Class Club & Consults  


Online votes by fans - 10 points

Bead Presentation @GrandFinale - 20 points

Audience/Participants votes -20 points

On the spot Bead Design @Grandfinale by Finalist - 50 points (Panel of Judges decision)


Award/Contest Categories available on NIGERIA BEAD AWARD UK and NIGERIA BEAD AWARD REMO facebook pages N.B.


Further Enquiries: or




Participants regardless of the level attained in the bead competirion will enjoy periodic display of their works on NIGERIA BEAD AWARDS (UK) and REMO-NIGERIA, an opportunity to generate more clients & traffic for your beadcraft business.

LEVELS/CATEGORIES: In order to give room for maximum creativity, contestants choose the material, style, colour and specification.

We intend to give room for initiatives and flexibility by bead designers, regardless of their experience in the beadcraft business. However, awards are categorised as follows


1. Wedding Bead Category - for his & hers. (Traditional and Church)

2. Royal Beads - exclusive designs to embrace beads as a symbol of Royalty.

3. Casual/Open Event Beads: to suit any occasion or attire, native or western dress.

4. Exclusive or Special Event or Occasion Beads.

5. Celebrity Beads - tailored to suit or meet the taste of Nigeria Celebrities across.

6. Children/Kid Beads - for teenagers and kids alike (male and female).


The bead category will be updated from time to time. All entrants will be judged anonymously and then a finalist will be selected. The GrandFinale will be held simultaneously in UK and REMO NIGERIA (yearly to be hosted across Remo towns).

The Finalists will be notified at least two weeks before the GrandFinale, as they will be required to make and present an on the spot bead project. They may choose their bead project from any category of 1-6 (see above) at the GrandFinale and finish it within a regulated time frame (This accounts for 50% of the total score).

All beaded items for Presentation should be handmade. Additional guideline out soon.

All enquiries about Contest and Award can be directed to: or Esoe Remo (facebook inbox), or phone 07940419171 (add area code, calling from outside UK.)


The Nigeria version is in held as an annual event in different Remo towns. This is a project proudly packaged by Esoe Remo, a group that promotes Remo culture and tradition.

It will be held in September every year. Entries for shortlisting will be received from 1st April to 31st May via online submissions.




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