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Up the Ante for a Better World

You are the solution!


"You can't change the world in a day. But you can change your attitude.

By becoming a better person, you help raise the standard of society.

Eventually, it'll catch on."



Or, as Franz-Josef Wuermeling* once said:

"Healthy Families - Healthy Society!"


That can be applied to any social setting. But the reason why this quote really stands out:

it helps visualize that each individual has the power to change the world. Whether it's something positive - it's up to you.

Better individuals make better choices. They are better colleagues, bosses, neighbors, friends. They care more about their fellow humans and about the environment. They are kind.

They know that negativity is counterproductive, so they will be uplifting in spirit and words.

*former Secretary of Families in Germany, 1953 - 1962


Participate in all our activities!

Not only are they fun to do, they also keep reminding you of those positive values. On top of it, you can quickly collect the "Kindness Rewards" points and save up for something good.


The Signature Activities

Get Reward Points all year long - It's easy and FREE

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What else can YOU do?

The idea is to make others feel appreciated, feel loved:

             nominate someone to be inducted into the "Love & Peace Hall of Fame" >>>

             set an example yourself, by spreading more kindness and love >>>

             remember your loved ones with a bead dedication (it's free) >>>

             give proper recognition with a CertifiCard™ >>>

             add a panel of beads in honor/memory of family or friends >>>

             share good vibes to brighten someone's Birthday >>>

             invite the Love & Peace Project to an event for a positive experience >>>


Something for you to enjoy:
2-Word Meditations Pearls of Wisdom Just for Fun: Bead Oracle Finding Love... Anecdotes
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Fun Stuff for Kids Million $$$ Gift

Love and Health

Heart Design Beautiful Words


But wait - there is more:

          Keep yourself in good physical shape
          Consume less
          Learn about Child Psychology
          Control your anger
          Praise often
          Be kind to strangers
          Develop healthy eating habits
          Worship or meditate
          Be thankful

...and much more yet, but you already got that.

The kindness movement isn't all that unique to the Love & Peace Project. Caring is not a competition; it gets better with each participant.

And that's a good thing, because we must push forward to become a gentler society with a certain urgency. There is strength in numbers, fortunately.


Together we can do it!


Make your family, group or favorite person unforgettable >

Meet the Love & Peace Ambassadors >



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Leading a gentle rebellion for a kinder world



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