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How to post your notes to the "Wall of Thanks"


Bearing witness to your gratitude forever!


Add Thanks (it's FREE)

Get creative and say "Thank You" to those people who have helped you in any way. Or simply let us know what you appreciate that you have been given in life.

Make as many thank you notes as you wish - each will be posted to the wall.*

Your notes will be framed and displayed right here, and later exhibited in the future museum.

You get an individual web page for your notes, where you can collect your awards and where visitors can see them forever.


Draw, paint or write anything that can be posted to the wall:

  on paper, fabric, canvas, wood, parchment

  photos of three dimensional larger objects

  digital art

  hand written notes

  make it as elaborate or as simple as you wish

  embellish, embroider, embrace any medium!

(you may choose to include your signature and/or your name to any or all thank you notes)


Simply post it onto our Facebook page

Visit and like our facebook page >>

scroll down for other ways to enter



Virtual Ribbons for the most creative notes are awarded to posts in the following categories:


digital art




handicraft items

overall artistic expression



First Place Winner


You may win one of these virtual blue, red, white or appreciation ribbons


 It's easy to enter - PLEASE READ: 

To submit via facebook:

  Just post your entry on the facebook page

  Include a sentence or two about your gratitude

(you may enter as many notes as you wish, but please enter them as separate posts)

Go to our facebook page >>>

Don't forget to invite others!

To send as email:

  Include your name, town, state and what or why you're thankful for

Simply email a picture or file (png, jpg, pdf) of your Thank You notes to:


Entries for the contest must be received by November 30, 2017

Winners to be announced on or before December 6, 2017

Help Fill the Museum with your thank you notes - it's super easy!


See the Wall >>

Go to the 'Wall of Thanks' home page >>

Visit and like our facebook page >>

Own a business? Thank your customers!


*Please note:

Notes will become property of the Love & Peace Project. They won't be returned, so your "Thank You" notes can be displayed permanently in the future Love, Peace & Beads Museum.

All entries received after November 30 will be entered in the contest for the following year.

Legal Notice and Disclaimer: We reserve the right to withhold entries that are offensive, derogatory or discriminating. The Love & Peace Project is not responsible for information submitted to us by third parties, including content of their notes. By posting or mailing notes to us, you have understood and agreed to these terms.





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