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Add an Ornament - You have 270 to choose from

It's easy and FREE:


Good friends... the most precious jewels in your life


1 Choose an ornament below
2 Enter the name of your friend
3 We'll add this ornament in your name to the "Friendship Tree™"
4 Your friend's ornament will become part of the tree, and you can see it on this website forever
5 You may return as often as you wish to honor all your friends



YES! I'd like to add an ornament!

Choose ONE of these:
Row1_1 Row1_2 Row1_3 Row1_4 Row1_5
 Row2_1 Row2_2 Row2_3 Row2_4 Row2_5
Row3_1 Row3_2 Row3_3 Row3_4 Row3_5
Row4_1 Row4_2 Row4_3 Row4_4 Row4_5
Row5_1 Row5_2 Row5_3 Row5_4 Row5_5
Row6_1 Row6_2 Row6_3 Row6_4 Row6_5
Row7_1 Row7_2 Row7_3 Row7_4 Row7_5
Row8_1 Row8_2 Row8_3 Row8_4 Row8_5
Row9_1 Row9_2 Row9_3 Row9_4 Row9_5
Row10_1 Row10_2 Row10_3 Row10_4 Row10_5
Row11_1 Row11_2 Row11_3 Row11_4 Row11_5
 Row12_1 Row12_2 Row12_3 Row12_4 Row12_5
Row13_1 Row13_2 Row13_3 Row13_4 Row13_5
Row14_1 Row14_2 Row14_3 Row14_4 Row14_5
Row15_1 Row15_2 Row15_3 Row15_4 Row15_5
Row16_1 Row16_2 Row16_3 Row16_4 Row16_5
Row17_1 Row17_2 Row17_3 Row17_4 Row17_5
Row18_1 Row18_2 Row18_3 Row18_4 Row18_5
Row19_1 Row19_2 Row19_3 Row19_4 Row19_5
 Row20_1 Row20_2 Row20_3 Row20_4 Row20_5
 Row21_1 Row21_2 Row21_3 Row21_4 Row21_5
 Row22_1 Row22_2 Row22_3 Row22_4 Row22_5
 Row23_1 Row23_2 Row23_3 Row23_4 Row23_5
 Row24_1 Row24_2 Row24_3 Row24_4 Row24_5
 Row25_1 Row25_2 Row25_3 Row25_4 Row25_5
 Row26_1 Row26_2 Row26_3 Row26_4 Row26_5
 Row27_1 Row27_2 Row27_3 Row27_4 Row27_5
 Row28_1 Row28_2 Row28_3 Row28_4 Row28_5
 Row29_1 Row29_2 Row29_3 Row29_4 Row29_5
Row30_1 Row30_2 Row30_3 Row30_4 Row30_5
Row31_1 Row31_2 Row31_3 Row31_4 Row31_5
Row32_1 Row32_2 Row32_3 Row32_4 Row32_5
Row33_1 Row33_2 Row33_3 Row33_4 Row33_5
Row34_1 Row34_2 Row34_3 Row34_4 Row34_5
Row35_1 Row35_2 Row35_3 Row35_4 Row35_5
Row36_1 Row36_2 Row36_3 Row36_4 Row36_5
Row37_1 Row37_2 Row37_3 Row37_4 Row37_5
Row38_1 Row38_2 Row38_3 Row38_4 Row38_5
Row39_1 Row39_2 Row39_3 Row39_4 Row39_5
Row40_1 Row40_2 Row40_3 Row40_4 Row40_5
Row41_1 Row41_2 Row41_3 Row41_4 Row41_5
Row42_1 Row42_2 Row42_3 Row42_4 Row42_5
Row43_1 Row43_2 Row43_3 Row43_4 Row43_5
Row44_1 Row44_2 Row44_3 Row44_4 Row44_5
Row45_1 Row45_2 Row45_3 Row45_4 Row45_5
Row46_1 Row46_2 Row46_3 Row46_4 Row46_5
Row47_1 Row47_2 Row47_3 Row47_4 Row47_5
Row48_1 Row48_2 Row48_3 Row48_4 Row48_5
Row49_1 Row49_2 Row49_3 Row49_4 Row49_5
Row50_1 Row50_2 Row50_3 Row50_4 Row50_5
Row51_1 Row51_2 Row51_3 Row51_4 Row51_5
Row52_1 Row52_2 Row52_3 Row52_4 Row52_5
Row53_1 Row53_2 Row53_3 Row53_4 Row53_5
Row54_1 Row54_2 Row54_3 Row54_4 Row54_5

Enter the name of your friend:


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Check your information for spelling and then press "Submit" below.

Online dedications will be assigned to pre-strung beads in the order they are received. You may choose more beads at special events. Larger groups may opt to reserve an entire panel.

Legal Notice and Disclaimer: We reserve the right to withhold entries that are offensive, derogatory or discriminating. The Love & Peace Project is not responsible for information submitted to us by third parties, including content of their submitted websites. By clicking the "Submit" button below, you have understood and agreed to these terms.









Leading a gentle rebellion for a kinder world



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