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About Us


"Being nice benefits all of humanity.

Being kind benefits the rest of the Universe."

Love & Peace Project, June 24, 2017


Really, we're Pearl and Bead Experts. But with a positive spirit, wanting to improve how people treat each other. Just to make life a little bit better for all.

Sounds like an odd combination, maybe. But it seems not so strange anymore, once you've traveled our site and have discovered what makes it so special. Perhaps you even find some treasures along the way...

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Mission Statement:

A) To promote the idea that love and peace are the "secret ingredients" for a healthy attitude

This includes educating the public about the personal benefits of gentler habits. How care and compassion can improve physical and mental well being, and how they lead to a fulfilling life.

B) To foster greater understanding between individuals and communities

The main objective here is creating a desire to learn more about another's culture, tradition, heritage, philosophy. Reducing the prejudices towards the other, and therefore alleviating associated phobias.

C) To facilitate relationships with others in personal or professional environments

Special consideration is given to interactive or visually appealing incentives. The monthly Signature Activities as well as the Love & Peace Hall of Fame™ are good examples.

In addition, the Kindness Rewards™BM Initiative™ and Love & Peace Inspired Business Directory encourage the extension of kindness towards others.

D) To establish a place of reflection, discovery and enjoyment

All culminate in the creation of the Love, Peace and Beads Museum™, which serves as a landmark for love of all life, as well as a reminder of peaceful coexistence.

The museum contains the Neverending Necklace, all Signature Installations, portraits of the 'Love & Peace Hall of Fame'™ inductees and also interactive displays. It will be home to artifacts related to cultural heritage over the ages. A significant portion of these exhibits are to include pearls and beads, as will be information or items to support a well documented history of their use.

Outreach programs:

            a) supportive appearances during public or private events

            b) classes, workshops, seminars and leisure activities

            c) live events promoted by the Love & Peace Project, LLC


It is the policy of the Love & Peace Project to provide a safe haven for any visitor or participant. Therefore, it does not associate with any particular political and/or religious views, nor will it engage in or encourage interference in such matters, except for to give thanks or praise.



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Leading a gentle rebellion for a kinder world



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What's Happening  |  Love & Peace Hall of Fame  |   The Neverending Necklace  |  BM Initiative  |  Gift Shop

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